2011 Scholarship Recipients:

2011 was the sixth year in which the Foundation helped raise awareness of suicide by awarding scholarships in Drake's memory.  Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and generous sponsors of the 2011 Tournament, the Foundation was able to award a total of ten scholarships at four different high schools. 

Previous Year Recipients:
Chapel Hill High School Recipients
pictured with Jerri Mann and Ricki Lynn Davis
Brian Riehl
Britany Whiddon
Hannah Pendleton
Rody Kingston
Taylor Burton
Taylor Jones
When asked about winning one of the scholarships, Taylor Burton stated:  “I now am a freshman attending Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi. I used some of the scholarship money for several things including books.  However, I have held some money back to use to better honor Drake's name and make a more meaningful impact, which right now I believe will be put toward a mission trip. I got to spend a lot of time around Drake while growing up because my brother and he played baseball together.  Drake’s cheerful, loving, good-spirited attitude every day had the biggest impact on my life.  Drake was one of the few older kids who would actually stop and talk to me instead of blowing me off because I was younger, which meant a tremendous amount to a young child who idolized the older kids. He made me feel welcomed into the group and always had a joke prepared to brighten everybody’s day. Drake's death had a horrible impact on the whole community of Douglasville. My whole family was devastated by his death, but especially my brother who was the closest to Drake. Also, I grew up playing baseball with Dusty, Drake's brother, and I witnessed first-hand the toll it took on him and the whole Davis family. I am honored to be able to receive such an award that represents such an amazing young man."
Woodmont High School Recipient
Camille Wilkins, a 2011 graduate of Woodmont High School, writes:  "When the time came around to start filling out applications for scholarships, I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. But applying for the Drake Davis Scholarship wasn't like the others. This scholarship is one that is close to my heart because I was blessed to have known Drake and have him in my life. I looked up to him as someone who not only made everyone around him smile, but also as someone who had a caring and loving personality. I’ve been told that “laughter is the best medicine” and he was someone who exemplified that in every way. Seeing what his family and loved ones went though was devastating to me, and it’s something I wouldn’t want to see anyone else go through. So in winning this Scholarship, it allowed me to become part of an occasion to help raise awareness for suicide prevention so that other people wouldn’t have to go through that same devastation. Winning this scholarship also allowed me to pay for my textbooks and helped in paying for my tuition at Clemson University. This Scholarship is just another way that Drake has impacted my life and I am truly honored to have been awarded with something that means so much to me."
Pierce County High School Recipients pictured with Jerri Mann
Ashleigh Sapp (left) and Kera Sumner (right)
Douglas County High School Recipient pictured with Jerri Mann
Taylor Renner
Camille Wilkins