2012 Scholarship Recipients:

2012 was the seventh year in which the Foundation helped raise awareness of suicide by awarding scholarships in Drake's memory.  Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and generous sponsors of the 2012 Tournament, the Foundation was able to award a total of 13 scholarships. 

Previous Year Recipients:
Chapel Hill High School Recipients
pictured with Jerri Mann
Blake Butler
Chance Eldredge
Chasten Pounds
Gina Melili
Michael Duncan
Michael Awalt
Arlington Christian Academy Recipient
Fayette County High School Recipient pictured with Jerri Mann
Rose Wilmont
Alexander High School Receipients
Nick Spencer, Taylor Shelnutt, Hayley Godwin
Michael Brock
Pierce County High School Recipients
Jordan Dupont (left) and Trey Tiller (right)
Rose Wilmont writes:  "College was never an option for me.  It was absolute that I would be going and I always knew that growing up.  However, as I got older, I realized that it would be difficult financially for my mother to send me to school without receiving scholarships of some kind.  After being in college for a semester, I realize just what this scholarship has meant to me.  I have met amazing friends and teachers over the past few months.  I am a music major and I play saxophone.  The saxophone studio at UGA is one of the best groups of people that I have ever met. 

The money from the scholarship allowed me to buy a metronme required for my saxophone teacher, music that I worked on over the semester, and text books.  All of this stuff was essential and I know that coming to this school and being a part of the saxophone studio might not have been possible without that extra money.

Although I never knew Drake, I know the devastation that his death brought to the lives of people he knew and even those he did not, like my mother.  The news of his death upset her greatly simply because she was friends with his mother and could only image the pain she was going through.  He was obviously a special person who was respected and liked by his peers. 

After I graduate, I hope to be a band director at a middle or high school.  I have always been involved in music and I have had amazing teachers who have made a huge difference for me growing up.  I hope to make a difference for kids like my teachers did for me."