2014 Scholarship Recipients

2014 was the ninth year in which the Foundation helped raise awareness of suicide by awarding scholarships in Drake's memory.  Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and generous sponsors a total of 10 scholarships were awarded this year to qualifying graduates across the United States.
Previous Year Recipients:
Chapel Hill High School Recipients
Douglasville, GA

Loveland High School
Loveland, Ohio

East Coweta High School Recipient
Coweta County, GA
Hannah Austin
Grace Richard
Alison Popham
Erika Stoll
Blake Green
pictured with Jerri Mann
Chairman, Drake Davis Foundation

"Thank you for the choosing me for the Drake Davis Foundation Scholarship, I am so honored to represent your foundation as a scholarship recipient. The scholarship gave me the flexibility to pledge a Fraternity and have a well rounded college experience my first semester. Thank you!
I  have had the opportunity to share with some of my friends about your foundation and the goal to raise awareness for suicide. I feel so honored to be directly associated to the Drake Davis Foundation and it was a pleasure meeting you Mrs. Mann."
Christina Haney
pictured with Jerri Mann
Chairman, Drake Davis Foundation
Douglas County High School Recipient
Douglasville, GA
Ciara McCready
Angela Lynch
Shelby Davis
Ludlow Senior High School
Ludlow, MA
Atlantic Coast High School
Jacksonville, FL
Megan Quigley
Archbishop John Carroll High School
Radnor, Pennsylvania
"It is truly an honor to have been awarded this scholarship. I have lost family members to suicide and do everything in my power to raise awareness. Since last year I have began an annual suicide awareness week at my high school, joined AFSP in their walk committees, and also am the chair member of International Survivors of Suicide Day. And it does not end here either. I plan to raise awarness the rest of my life! Thank you for selecting me as a recipient of this wonderful foundation scholarship. It's nice to be in your company as we work to raise awareness for this very worthy cause."
"Receiving this scholarship is a huge honor for me. I lost my older brother to suicide my freshman year of high school and I have never experienced anything more difficult. Me and my family also found comfort in trying to help our community become more aware of mental illness and suicide signs, as well as reaching out to teens to educate them more and reduce stigma. I have a personal connection to the amazing work that this foundation is doing and I love to see more people talking about suicide and making a difference."
"Thank you so much for choosing me as the recipient for the Drake Davis Foundation Scholarship.  You  have no idea how much of an impact this has made on my family's ability to pay for my schooling.  After I lost my father to suicide, I felt like a sure part of my future had broken off, that part being the memories I would have had with my father when I graduated high school, college, or the memory of him walking me down the aisle at my wedding.  However, because of my loss I was able to find my passion in working towards suicide awareness and prevention, a cause I will continue to advocate in the future.  I also gained the ability to use my sotry to support and encourage others to fight for suicide awareness and prevention.  Again, thank you for this opporunity for me to continue my education and for me to better myself so that I can better help others."

December 1, 2014

"I am a freshman at Florida State University majoring in Biochemistry.  I received  the Drake Davis scholarship while I was a senior at Atlantic Coast High School in Jacksonville, Forida.  Receiving the Drake Davis Scholarship was a huge honor for me.  I decided to apply for this scholarship because on May 5, 2008 my father, Gregory Davis, committed suicide.  Ever since my father's death I have been an active advocate for suicide awareness and prevention, volunteering at suicide awareness walks and fundraisers.  Applying to this scholarship really meant a lot for me because it gave me a chance to discuss how my dad's death affected my mom and I and our ability to pay for my college tuition.  The scholarship gave my mom and I the ability to pay for my tuition, but also for my books and my housing fees.  I am very grateful to the Drake Davis Foundation for giving my mom and I the money to help pay for my college tuition and fees.  We are forever grateful."
January 26, 2015

"Drake Davis Foundation,

I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for the scholarship I won this past fall from your foundation, and for your continued work with suicide awareness! I am currently in my second semester at Miami University in Ohio, and have earned a 3.86 GPA my first semester of college.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to compete for this scholarship and to be honored enough to win.  The money really did help me starting college.  I love seeing organizations that work to reduce stigma around mental health and encourage and reward those who fight for suicide awareness, as it is such a personal cause to me and my family.  Thank you so much for all that you do and I hope that you all are having success and seeing results from your amazing work!"