(April 19, 2006)

Days go by and I feel so alone
Since you went away
It’s so hard to believe you are really gone
That you took your life that way

The pain doesn’t ease, I miss you so
The stages of grief are real
Over and over through each one I go
Hoping that somehow I will heal

It hurts to see everyone just move on
When I feel so much pain
Please don’t you see my son is gone
I feel like I am going insane

Each morning I rise and start a new day
As hard as it may be
To make sure your brother and sister are okay
I have to also take care of me

Your smiling face and goofy grin
Are always on my mind
Memories help the healing begin
And I pray that one day peace I will find

My Precious Son

(February 7, 2006)

A precious gift from God was my son
Sent down to me, he was a special one.
He had a loving and caring heart
But now until eternity we are apart.

I will never forget that fateful day
When my precious son decided to go away.
He took his life by his own hand
This is something we will never fully understand.

The Bible teaches don’t ask why
So in God’s holy name I will rely
For strength and wisdom to see me through
So that I can begin life anew.

A life that is different and not quite whole
But knowing that with God  is his precious soul.
And one day when my time is here
I will be with my precious son and hold him near.

I Sit and I Cry

(April 25, 2006)

I sit and I cry
Screaming, why God why
To my child, I said goodbye

Now’s he gone
I feel all alone
How am I supposed to go on

With each passing day
The pain doesn’t go away
No matter how hard I pray

Life’s not fair
Pain we all must bear
But through it all remember God does care

Each night as I lay my head to rest
I pray that God knows best
And through this tragedy, somehow I will be blessed.